MRE manufactures Tooling using the latest technology and cost saving ideas to deliver top quality tooling and end components for today’s new and innovative vehicles. Material selection and product design are always based upon the customer’s unique requirements.

Key features


  • MRE offer full 3D design and manufacturing capabilities for your component and tooling.
  • We can offer you the level of service required from straight tool manufacture to full design and build of tooling and end product.
  • Our tooling manufacturing has the capability of rapid production of tooling from a small injected grommet to a full 2mx2mx1m injected auto bumper.
  • If your tool is to be exported out of Asia we can offer this via our consolidated weekly shipping to the USA or Euro

Here at MRE we pride ourselves in the quality of the tooling we have produced in recent years and multiple examples of tooling and products are available.

As a team we have produced more than 600 tools in China in the past 10 years.