Being an Auror had been his sort-of moral at college, but after struggling a guerilla war against the Voldemort regime going around and picking up d***ken louts in Knockturn Alley moral wouldn't compare to the excite of haunting down horcruxes. And the paperwork... nobody had warned him about the paperwork.
He apparated to his building at Grimauld dwelling, and passed his bathrobe to his faithful mansion-Elf Kreacher.
'tormentor has visitors he has,' Kreacher informed him.

'Oh?' Harry opened up, ambling into the living apartment. 'Who is it Kreacher?'
'It is being the Mudbl**d, the impish one, and the pauper,' Kreacher grumbled. Harry neglected the slurs, he knew Kreacher was simply too older to know finer, and at least there was no malice in it.
'Hermione, Luna, and Ginny? Where are they Kreacher?'
'They is being in the tormentor's apartment. tormentor is to be going to them now they said.' The Elf gave him a original belief, which Harry see might be a grin, 'tormentor be having joy. Kreacher be conversing with the dominatrix. '

Harry gawped after the Elf as he popped away. Kreacher had after lengthy bid common a closet as his absorb apartment, in which Harry had establish the painting of Sirius' mummy. Kreacher had had no problems eliminating it from the entrance wall, and now the putrid dame's painting suspended there, with only Kreacher for company. Somehow it made the both of them blessed, and Harry had a neutral entrance Help. Instead of Walburga ebony, there was now a painting of Sirius, Remus and Nymphadora Lupin, and Fred Weasley, sadly a non-magical one but unexcited a adorable Plan to honour the fallen heroes.
Harry ambled past the painting up the stairs to his apartment. ..